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May 22 at 7:30 PM

Art & Culture

While everyone awaits his new show with bated breath, Dominic Paquet returns to the stage with Laisse-moi partir, his fourth one-man show in which he pulls out all the stops! One of a kind, Dominic brings his vivid imagination to life, creating a variety of worlds and characters through his facial expressions, gestures and voice. Whether it's a piece of history, a behavior, a news item or an everyday banality, everything can become as exceptional as it is hilarious when seen through his eyes. Incapable of thinking like a normal person, Dominic invites you to 90 minutes of laughter that will leave you with his many colorful expressions for days, weeks and even decades to come. Go see Laisse-moi partir... Let's do it!

Dominic Paquet is a hilarious showman! Humorist, comedian and host, he stands out for his physical performances, his delirious mimicry and his impressive vocal prowess. Since 2021, he has been touring Quebec with his long-awaited fourth one-man show, Laisse-moi partir. Dominic also performs in the TV series La Maison-Bleue (ICI Télé) and Ça c'est drôle! (Noovo). For the past 9 years, he has also been a featured radio comedian on ICI Radio-Canada Première's À la semaine prochaine. He has also been a proud spokesperson for the Défi têtes rasées Leucan since 2012.


May 22 at 7:30 PM


Théâtre Fatima de Kedgwick 19 rue St-Jean-Baptiste, Kedgwick