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Start Your Outdoor Adventure

Start Your Outdoor Adventure

The great outdoors of the Restigouche Region are waiting for you. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime through our forest trails, canoe down our winding rivers, or discover breathtaking views on New Brunswick's highest peak. 

Stay a While

No matter how long your visit, the richness of the Restigouche Region will leave you wanting more. Whether you're soaking in our sunny beaches or shredding through white gold in the winter, Restigouche has something for everyone. 

Stay a While

Rest and Refresh

You'll feel right at home in the Restigouche Region. Let our hospitality and amicable nature look after you as you explore the wonders of our region.

Let Our Seasons Enchant You

Beat the Heat in Restigouche

No matter the time of year, Restigouche is teeming with sights to explore and natural beauty to discover. Every one of our seasons has something unique and exciting for you to discover. Experience year-round enchantment in the Restigouche Region.